DynAdvisor.com - DynAdvisor was a project that I was a Front End Developer for at HackPSU 2017. This project came in first place for the IBM Watson API Challenge, chosen by IBM. We used the IBM Watson API to search the web for hundreds of thousands of aggregated results, and combined it with historical data for that company. Then  we were able to use that data to better predict if the stock for that company is going to go up or down. My main job on this team was web application development. I worked with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React to create our web app.
sereni.tech - Serenitech was a project that I worked on as a Front End Developer at Kent Hack Enough 2017. This project placed top five of over 50 teams at Kent Hack Enough, chosen by Major League Hacking. It is a virtual reality meditation program. The inspiration came from learning to deal with the immense workload and stress that come from studying engineering. Unfortunately most of the resources available ruin the immersive experience of Virtual Reality. My main jobs on this team were graphic design, web development, and logo design.
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